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Information : Building Your Own Home

New build homes can be exciting and full of joy.

My name is Steven Nuttall and I have personally watched over 100's of con
structions new and reforms since 1989 when I began in the Real Estate business shortly after arriving to Spain. Below is a monthly report about the build of a private individual villa in the Hondon valley.

Having a brand new home built has always been appealing. Since the early 1990's I have personally watched over more than 200 private indiviual villas being built. It's always a pleasure working along side the builder, architect and the buyers, eac
h project is different and has it's own story to tell.

 In February 2016 after several months of preparation we began again. An interesting project consisting of a large family home, guest accommodation, pool and recreational areas for all the family to enjoy. With a little more time on my hands these days I decided to add this pictorial, a blog if you will. Starting from the foundations and working up, over the next few months I will be adding my comments and photos to this page thus creating a step by step account of the ups and no doubt a few downs as we move forward to a completion later this year.